Family, Sessions


Sandra y Javier nacieron en México. Después de unos años de casados, el destino los ha llevado a vivir a Japón y ahora a Estados Unidos, dónde han empezado una hermosa familia! Para éste verano, decidieron viajar a su ciudad natal y visitar a familiares y amigos. Fue así que se les ocurrió les gustaría tener una sesión de familia para guardar por siempre el recuerdo de México dónde sea que estén.

Sandra and Javier were both born in Mexico. After a couple of years of being married, destiny took them first to live in Japan, and now currently in the States, where they have started a wonderful family. For their summer vacation, they decided to come back to their hometown to see family and friends. While here, they thought of us for a Family Session with their kids as a way of always remembering Mexico wherever they may be in the future.

130715_Familia_Valdez_Sneakpeek_0001 130715_Familia_Valdez_0004 130715_Familia_Valdez_0009 130715_Familia_Valdez_0010 130715_Familia_Valdez_0016 130715_Familia_Valdez_0013 130715_Familia_Valdez_0017 130715_Familia_Valdez_0007 130715_Familia_Valdez_0023 130715_Familia_Valdez_0024 130715_Familia_Valdez_0027 130715_Familia_Valdez_0035 130715_Familia_Valdez_0033 130715_Familia_Valdez_0042

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