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DANIELA+YONA // Lagos de Moreno


Si hubiéramos grabado cuando Daniela y Yona vieron el video de su Boda por primera vez… ahora estarían viendo unas sonrisas grandes grandes, de esas que solo los niños saben hacer para que les compres un dulce!! Creo que ahora estamos a mano! la misma sensación tuvimos cuando vimos el día de su Boda a tantos caballos tan hermosos, una calandria llevando a la novia, un novio vestido de charro y a las dos personas más felices al decir sus votos. Felicidades Danny & Yona, gracias por la experiencia única!!

While filming Daniela and Yona’s wedding, there was this special feeling we got when we were there.  Astonishment after astonishment and surprise after surprise, we filmed the whole day reminding ourselves to concentrate so as not to let our jaws drop to the floor.  From all the beautiful horses, to the carriage ride Daniela took to church, to Yona dressed in traditional “Charro” clothing waiting for her, and to the two of them saying their vows, we felt like little kids in awe while filming.  We would like to hope that we left the two of them with a similar feeling after seeing their wedding film for the first time.  Congratulations Daniela and Yona, and thanks for letting us be part of the experience.  

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