Wedding Cinema

ALE+PECAS // León, Gto.

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We know all about the planning and organization that goes into a wedding.  Down to the littlest detail, it all matters.  And when there are over 500 guests involved in a wedding that will take place in the backyard of the bride’s grandparents’ house, planning is even more important. But funny enough, at Ale and Pecas’ wedding, it was an unplanned moment that captivated us. The one that spontaneously happened and even took Ale by surprise. Pecas wasn’t ready for it either, but he composed himself and looked into Ale’s eyes and spoke to her. His words were funny, kind and from the heart. Something as simple as this, a few unplanned words, is the moment from their wedding that we will never forget.

Wedding Planner: Mariana Gonzalez del Castillo Eventos (MGCEventos)
Church: Catedral Basílica León, Gto.
Photography: Wendy Fonseca
Reception: Particular

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