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LIZETH+ALVARO // Boda San Francisco del Rincón, GTO

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When I am with you, I am a better version of myself.

Individually we are all unique people.  We have quarks which make us who we are.  We develop passions for various things.  And we grow and learn to trust our instincts.  Yet when the day comes where we find our match, our perfect puzzle piece, a person who can compliment our uniqueness, our quirkiness, our passions and our instincts, it is only then when we can truly become better versions of ourselves.

And that is how Lizeth and Alvaro see their relationship.  They are two good friends of ours, so being with them on their wedding day was a real honor.  We truly wish the best for them, and we hope to have left them with some awesome memories.

Wedding dress: Iann Dey
Photo Session: Peñuelas
Church: Parroquia de los Dominicos
Wedding Planner: Folklore wedding & events

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