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MELISSA + PAUL // Urban Toronto Wedding

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A wedding day full of big moments, great memories and yet another milestone to celebrate for Melissa and Paul. Where do we begin? We’ve been through so much with them, from summers at the cottage, camping, celebrating our 30’s in Cancun, annual Kris Kringle, baseball summer league, late Saturday nights at any time of the year, to their wedding day on July 15th 2017. We’ve tallied up the years together and developed lifelong friendships with them.  And that is the reason why the idea of shooting their wedding brought a chill to our spine. Don’t mess it up, many years of friendship is on the line!
Their wedding was incredible. We got to reunite with many familiar faces we hadn’t seen in years, we got the true story of how Paul & Melissa met, and we even got a little bit of public affection. Something that all our friends will never soon forget.
Now here is a spoiler alert, our friendship is still strong which means she doesn’t think we messed it up. Congrats Mel and Paul, we couldn’t be happier for you and even more so, to have been there that day!

Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Escutin
Ceremony and Reception: Liberty Grand Toronto, ON.
DJ: Kareem Chow

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