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MONI & VICO // Enthralling Villa Maria Cristina Wedding. Guanajuato, Mex.

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What was your most memorable gift? When did you get it? Who gave it to you?

For Moni & Vico that answer would probably be, on their wedding day, from each other, and a book. The first one, titled “What I Love About Us?” was a book which Moni had got to surprise Vico with. In it, she wrote phrases and inspirational quotes recollecting on the time they spent dating. Two minds often think alike, and Vico not to be outdone already had a book of his own to surprise Moni with. (more…)

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MARIANA & JUAN CARLOS // Guanajuato Alleyway E-Session

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We had so much fun exploring around alleyways with Mariana and Juan! If you’ve ever been to Guanajuato, México you know what we are talking about. That feeling of getting lost between narrow streets and yet not being worried but otherwise happy by discovering textured, colorful corners in the middle of nowhere. (more…)

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MELISSA + PAUL // Urban Toronto Wedding

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A wedding day full of big moments, great memories and yet another milestone to celebrate for Melissa and Paul. Where do we begin? We’ve been through so much with them, from summers at the cottage, camping, celebrating our 30’s in Cancun, annual Kris Kringle, baseball summer league, late Saturday nights at any time of the year, to their wedding day on July 15th 2017. We’ve tallied up the years together and developed lifelong friendships with them.  And that is the reason why the idea of shooting their wedding brought a chill to our spine. Don’t mess it up, many years of friendship is on the line! (more…)


TANIA & ARTURO // Adventurous Save the Date

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Epic landscapes drive us to be better photographers, it was well worth the trek off the beaten track.  We had such an exciting time shooting Tania & Arturo’s engagement photos, the backdrop was breathtaking and the chemistry between the two of them was heart warming.  We can’t wait for your wedding in the new year. (more…)