MONI+VICO // Wedding Guanajuato, Mex.


What was your most memorable gift? When did you get it? Who gave it to you?

For Moni & Vico that answer would probably be, on their wedding day, from each other, and a book. The first one, titled “What I Love About Us?” was a book which Moni had got to surprise Vico with. In it, she wrote phrases and inspirational quotes recollecting on the time they spent dating. Two minds often think alike, and Vico not to be outdone already had a book of his own to surprise Moni with.

Having cleverly sifted through hundreds of photographs, culling his favourites, Vico compiled a photobook for Moni detailing their story over the years. Then he wrapped it up in colourful pashmina, and just as Moni thought her exhilaration had peaked while being laced up in her gorgeous wedding dress, it was given to her. She was in awe needless to say, reminiscing back on all the good times was a great emotional build up and reminder of how they got to their present day.

Gifts and jitters aside, once they saw each other they were able to exhale and take in the enthralling mountainous landscapes at the hotel Villa Maria Cristina, embrace with family and loved ones and get ready to say the “I do’s” at La Iglesia Valenciana. All that need to happen first was one little thing, a pit stop. Not any ordinary pit stop, this one was of special significance to Moni & Vico. It was nearby at a local park, where in the middle was a painted white gazebo. This is where they went and it marked the place where they officially started dating, and what better way in retrospect than to go back to where it all began.
We couldn’t thank Moni & Vico enough for letting us document such intimate moments, there truly isn’t anything more moving for us than a heartfelt story like yours!

Prep: Hotel Villa Maria Cristina
Wedding Planner: Merezzco Catering Service & Wedding Design
Reception: Antigua Hacienda Dolores de Barrera






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