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MELISSA + PAUL // Urban Toronto Wedding

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A wedding day full of big moments, great memories and yet another milestone to celebrate for Melissa and Paul. Where do we begin? We’ve been through so much with them, from summers at the cottage, camping, celebrating our 30’s in Cancun, annual Kris Kringle, baseball summer league, late Saturday nights at any time of the year, to their wedding day on July 15th 2017. We’ve tallied up the years together and developed lifelong friendships with them.  And that is the reason why the idea of shooting their wedding brought a chill to our spine. Don’t mess it up, many years of friendship is on the line! (more…)

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KAREN & JAD // San Miguel de Allende Wedding Callejoneada

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We saw happy faces constantly during Karen & Jad’s amazing wedding weekend in San Miguel de Allende!

The first part, a Callejoneada through the city’s streets and alleys started off the celebration as they marched and danced rhythmically to the mariachi music. The parade was lead by “Pecas” the donkey, who came along carrying tequila, which follows Mexican tradition. (more…)

Wedding Cinema, Wedding Photos, Wedding Stories

ARANTXA + CARLOS – Hacienda between Mountains Wedding. GUANAJUATO, MEXICO.

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The feeling of a destination wedding day is compared to the feeling of a journey full of adventure, joy, mystery and lots of great memories! Arantxa and Carlos’  wedding was just like that.
In the small town of Sangre de Cristo in Guanajuato Mexico, they found a dream hacienda tucked away between mountains, great views, full of mexican rich colors and surroundend by hilly vinyards. (more…)

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GELA+GERARDO // Wedding Guanajuato, Mex.

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What is our photographic trifecta when working a wedding?  Many people think it is a beautiful backdrop, a wide open landscape or some iconic edgy location.  And truth be told, having your wedding at an elegant place like San Gabriel de Barrera in Guanajuato (where Gela and Gerardo decided) definitely adds to the overall beauty in our imagery.  However, for us, none of that really enters our thought process when we photograph a wedding. (more…)